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Meet Sandy Fear

Hello! My name is Sandy Fear. I am a Licensed Idaho Real Estate Agent and 20+year resident of Nampa Idaho. My husband Adam and I have raised a beautiful family of 4 children here. Dominik, Ashlyn, Mandalin and Keira are our pride and joy!

There is no place that we would rather be, for so many reasons!

As a very active family, we have enjoyed countless camping, fishing, boating, 4 wheeling, snowmobiling, white water rafting trips and so much more over the years! Idaho is literally a giant outdoor playground!

My husband and I both grew up in Astoria Oregon, so we are original Goonies! Growing up in a town surrounded by woods, we spent a ton of time tromping through the forest trails as kids, and as adults, the woods still call our name! We get out into the woods, every single chance that we have!

The wonderful thing about living in the Treasure Valley, is that we are only about an hour from the serenity of beautiful trees, mountains, rivers, lakes and hiking trails, so while our life here in the valley is busy, we can have a quick get away any time we want too!

My husband and I began rehabbing houses in 2017 and instantly fell in love with the process of buying a house that was in disrepair and turning it into someone’s dream home! When the housing market was moving so quickly, I thought that it would be best to get my Real Estate License so that I could move quickly to see homes and write offers, and in 2021, I did just that!

After receiving my license, I started working with Homes Of Idaho. That has been the best experience! The community involvement that we have as agents thanks to Homes Of Idaho is second to none! I absolutely love the events that are put on for the community such as the huge easter egg hunts and trunk or treats, pictures with Santa as well as parades and fundraisers! It is a passion of mine to be involved in where I live and work and Homes Of Idaho makes that possible!

When I was growing up in Astoria in the 1990s, I worked as an assistant to a Realtor. The brokerage was one of the only ones at the time to offer the free use of the company moving truck for our clients. So when I heard that Homes Of Idaho offered the free use of a moving truck, I knew that this was the place for me…kind of silly I know, but I remember home buyers sometimes spending a large amount of their savings to get into a new home and then having to round up friends with trucks to help them move because a moving truck was just another expense that many could not afford. Who knew that migrating toward a company that offered a moving truck would lead to so many other wonderful services and involvement that I could offer to my clients?

At Homes of Idaho, we have a fleet of moving trucks, and it is one of the many services that I can offer my clients to make the purchase or sale of a home just a little bit easier.

I have LOVED getting to meet all of my clients over the years, who, have all become friends!

My husband and I still rehab homes, and I am very involved in the investor community in the area. I have access to beautiful homes on and off of the market, so whether you are looking for a fix and flip, long term real estate with traditional or creative financing, or your dream home, I can help!

P: 208-724-6335     E: [email protected]

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